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You’ll find in-depth, up to the moment themed editions on Europe’s timber transformation in architecture and the built environment in Annular Unstructured.

Annular Further, provides a comprehensive forests, wood and timber culture resource, and a full archive of Fourth Door timber building and wood culture features is available in Annular Archive.

Annular Nu features new wood and timber pieces, and other news from Annular.

Annular Unstructured

Free Form Swallows Function – Swiss made engineering turns timber towards the future.


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nu – Annular News

Latest wood and timber related features, pieces and updates.

Annular Archive

Twenty years of in-depth timber features from Oliver Lowenstein and Fourth Door.

Annular Further

A new set of Annular Nu features are now live.

About Annular

A brief history of Fourth Door’s Annular project.

nu – Annular News

Stack of All Trades – dRMM’s WorkStack

New Natives – Jez Ralph goes local species with timber research

Rebooting the Woodland – Dartington’s Woodland Presents and Woodlab projects – Al Tempest

Pushing Devon’s timber envelope – Devon’s young timber Turks, EmanuelHendry

Forest 4.0 Balancer

The Forest 4.0 Balancer project is set to explore relationships between forests, carbon footprints and construction.

Check in on this new research project.

on nu now – spring 2024

New wood and timber features are on Annular nu.

Features include dRMM’s WorkStack, Brighton’s Elms, surviving and thriving, George Fereday’s Homegrown House research, and DevoniAn/nular , the new UnstructuredAnnular edition (part 1), focused on and highlighting Britain’s South west County, Devon.

Pioneering the Potential and Fourth Door events

Access the Fourth Door Events page (coming soon), including Pioneering the Potential past, present (and future.)

Information on Fourth Door events, including 2023’s Pioneering the Potential Evolving the Bio base.

New Unstructured 11 edition

The new Unstructured 11 timber features include RawLam research from Copenhagen’s CITA robotics lab, and Waugh Thistleton’s Anthony Thistleton on two recent CLT books. Plus Super-Horizontal and Rail du Ferme photo essay, and much else besides.

Annular – as trees increase in size they add Annular Rings (or growth rings) year on year. Much can be learnt about trees, woods and wood from tree rings that is otherwise inaccessible.

Satellite forest map – European Forest Institute

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