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1) Nordic timber architecture and culture

2) Central European architecture and culture


1) Scotland

2) Sussex and South East based projects

3) West Country based projects

Building Types

3) School and educational projects and buildings

2) Office buildings

3) Cultural buildings

Construction Types

1) Gridshell and other shell structures

2) Cruck-Frames

3) Timber Frames

4) Space Frame Canopies

5) Other building types


1) Massive solid wood panel

2) Glulam and other engineered woods

Ten years ago, in 2000, I wrote one of my first ‘architectural’ pieces on the environmentally designed rail stations between Oslo and the city’s new international Gardemoen airport for the sustainable building and architecture magazine Building for A Future. I didn’t for a minute think this would turn into an ongoing strand of my writing work. However over the next years I began contributing regularly to B4AF, and its replacement, Green Building, including early pieces on the Weald & Downland museum gridshell, the Earth Centre’s Solar Canopy and a first major piece on BedZED in the UK architectural press. The majority of these pieces  were focused on the emergence of wood in construction, and, as the years went by, I  began contributing to other magazines and periodicals.  Perhaps three years ago I thought it would make sense if these pieces were put up on the net and began thinking of doing so on a timberbuild  focused website. So that says something about the origins of Annular and the Annular Archive, which is starting out as an archive of these articles written on timberbuild and timber related architecture and design over the last decade. The idea is to grow the archive as further articles are finished, and to do so in a way which isn’t limited to only my pieces. Oliver Lowenstein

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