ANNULAR 001. Norway, Scotland, & Coventry

The new Scottish timber building scene. Wood in building is coming of age in Scotland with new projects appearing daily. In Annular 001 we overview  some of the recent highlights from across the country.

Intro: Timber and the new Highlands regionalism

Page & Park’s timber-frame Loch Lomond National Park HQ
The timber research and development in Scotland

“Norwegian Wood’: Annular 001 reports from Norway’s oil city Stavanger, overviewing Europe’s 2008  City of Cultures ambitious Wood City programme. There is an-depth examination of one of Norway’s brightest young architectural hopes, Helen & Hard, and their first major timber building, the mountain lodge.

Along with these two Stavanger centric pieces we also look to Trondheim, where the young Brendeland & Kristoffersen have completed a series of ground-breaking timber buildings in the alternative Svartlamoen district of the city, as well as a review of the arrival of massive wood in the country, from the earliest late nineties projects to those which are currently being built.

Norwegian Wood,Stavanger: City of wood
Helen & Hard’s Mountain Lodge
Svartlamoen’s massive revolution
A brief history of massive wood in Norway

Lastly Annular looks at Pringle Richards Sharrat Architects recent diagridshell completed at the Herbert Gallery, Coventry and detail the practices previous buildings which led to their latest intervention on behalf of timber cultural futures.

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