During 2006 and 2007 I wrote a three part series of articles for Building For a Future Magazine (which half-way through, changed it’s name to Green Building) on the emergence of timber as  a contemporary construction material in Scottish building culture. This connected into the emergence, in the high north’s Highland’s &  Islands, and to a certain extent in other parts of rural Scotland, a renewed interest in vernacular and traditional idioms of building culture in contemporary guise. The three articles led to co-curating the Building Biographies exhibition at the Scottish architecture centre, the Lighthouse, in Glasgow. Building Biographies extended this exploration by placing this renewed regionalist aesthetic within a broader European canvas of three continental regional architectural sensibilities; Graubunden, Eastern Switzerland, Vorarlberg, Western Austria and rural Norway.

This Annular 001 Scottish section  mix the three part series with an additional Green Building’s piece on Page & Park Highland’s park head quarters office in Balloch, and a piece on the connection between architectural and building culture – potential and realised – and Scottish forestry, by Bernard Planterose, one of the founders of Reforesting Scotland.

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