Annular Unstructured

Free Form Swallows Function – Swiss made engineering turns engineered timber towards the future.

Swiss timber engineering has built an enviable reputation for pushing the envelope of the possible. 

Annular Unstructured’s inaugural edition pursues Switzerland’s high end timber engineering, with features on engineer Hermann Blumer and architect Shigeru Ban, reports on Swiss made timber projects including, in the UK, Heatherwicks Maggies Centre Leeds and MarksBarfield Cambridge Mosque, Stuttgart’s ICD Urbach Tower and Stavanger’s Helen & Hard Finance Park, not to mention Lukas Imhof’s ash Ekkhartoff Community Centre.

Biel Wood School, AHB, the country’s leading timber engineering research hub is profiled, focusing in on its hardwood research over the last decade, which have spawned start-ups, Timbatec and TS3.0 and brought added extra heft to the emerging engineered hardwood materials manufacturers Fagus Suisse and neue Holzbau

And another of Switzerland’s league of engineers Jürg Conzett contributes a research essay on the country’s most famous engineering sons, the Grubenmann Brothers.

Shigers Ban [i] Swatch

Shigers Ban [ii] Tamodia

Hermann Blumer

Blumer – Lehmann

Maggie Leeds, Thomas Heatherwick

Cambridge Mosque

Urbach Tower – IDC

Fourth Door Further

Biel Wood School/Hardwoood research

Timbatech – Vorsprung Durch TimbaTec

Jurg Conzett


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