Fourth Door Review

Fourth Door Review

Fourth Door Review has consistently highlighted contemporary timber architecture and wood culture. Beginning in edition 2/3 through to the new edition 8 Fourth Door Review have featured timberbuild focused pieces. These include:

Fourth Door Review 8

Bridges of the thin air – An interview with Graubunden engineer, Jurg Conzett

Kaufmann Country – Vorarlberg’s pre-eminent timber family have been critical to the return off wood as a key material in the emergence of the Austrian county’s influential architectural scene. Architects Hermann Kaufmann and his brother Johannes are both interviewed in this overview of the Kaufmann families influence on the way wood has become a staple regional material across Vorarlberg’s building culture

(Both pieces are part of an extensive themed section on the Alpine regionalism of Vorarlberg and Graubunden architecture)

In earlier Fourth Door Reviews

The tenderness of wood – Timber in the Gehry Dundee and Page & Park Inverness Maggies Centres in Fourth Door Review 7

Timber Engines for growth: interview with Europe’s leading timber engineer, Julius Natterer, at his I-Bois base in Lausanne, Switzerland, in Fourth Door Review 7

A Timberbuild Renaissance for Europe in Fourth Door Review 6

If carpenters ants built future systems in Fourth Door Review 6

Gridshelter: Toward an architecture of action and imagination – Ted Cullinan’s Weald & Downland museum Gridshell in Fourth Door Review 5 by Nic Pople

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