Forest 4.0

Digital wood and timber cultures: digital forestry and digital timber design – robotics, automation, sensors, drones etc. Includes features from Fourth Door, Unstructured, Annular and other related pieces.


Rawlam from the North

CITA’s Tom Svilans on the joint Copenhagen and Aarhus robotics research 


Theatre of Folded Dreams

Research feature on EPFL Lausanne I-bois’s folded plate geometry Vidy theatre building

In Unstructured extra 9 CLT futures themed edition – 2018


X-Box – Woodie comes to Hamburg

Pre-Fabricated modular design takes the next step with SauerbrauchHutton’s Woodie projectby Kerstin Kuhnekath

In Unstructured extra 9 CLT futures themed edition – 2018


The Rise of the Robots

Achim Menges and Stuttgart’s ICD, Gramazio/Kohler and Hooke Park’s Woodchip Barn

In Blueprint347 – July/August 2016 – PDF


Haltia’s algorithmic interior nature environment 

Digital architect Markus Wikar describes the design and programming required for Haltia’s wooden shell-structure, Sotkanmuna

In Unstructured extra 6 – 2013Unfinished revolution – new Finnish timber architecture themed edition


Robots in the Wineyard

Gramazio & Kohler

In Unstructured 4 and Fourth Door Review 8


One Tree World

Natalie Jerimijenko

In Fourth Door Review 5 – not available online

Annular Accommodates