'The Cycle Station Project' is a manifestation of Fourth Door Research. Fourth Door Research is an affiliation of networked research groups. It carries out research and consultancy and also organises research for University and HE undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It also carries out independent resaerch. It's primary focus is in environmental synergies, integrating creative and conceptual practice with practical on the ground, yet future-focused, ecological projex.

Fourth Door Research also runs Fourth Door Review (web link here), the leading edge green cultural, new music and media journal. Fourth Door Review explores green thinking from a future oriented perspective. It also, however, reaches out to those who are in sympathy with elements of the green perspective, but are working within different media contexts. The definition of green communities is purposefully broad, so as to be inclusive of many groups - some of which might not seem immediately connected to orthodox green pursuits. It's liquid in its interdisciplinary weavings, crossing and connecting a number of subjects, showing where possible that subject matter is not discrete and separate but can involve convergencies of many fields. The emphasis, therefore, is on hybridity and relationship. Our web site will fill you in further.


Link to the Fourth Door Review Web site