The Cycle-Station Project

4.0 What would a Cycle station be like?

The archetypal imagining of the Cycle Station is part cycle way-station, part eco-information centre, part rest and refreshment centre, with all these functions being housed under a single solar or photo-voltaic roof.

In addition to this core it would also include the following. There would be a bicycle hire and repair centre, similar in some ways to the eighteenth century coach-house for horses and highway coaches. There would be some form of restaurant, and toiletting and washing facilities, maybe a quiet room to wind down and relax in after some considerable cycling. And there would be an information-centre, which would include map and route information, ecological and environmental information for the region.

From this basis any combination of the relevant variants can be added. A variety of extrapolations can and has been made above and below from the core idea, such as the urban throughway Cycle Station link, the out of town urban/rural node Cycle Station, and the Water turbine powered Craft Ecology based Station.

Where and if possible the emphasis would be on each Cycle Station operating and existing as a holistic community organism. This could range from a warden to several groups of people living as a discreet community within the frame of the various activites taking place at the Station centre