The Cycle-Station Project

5.0 Who would use the Cycle-Station?




It is envisaged that given the multi-functional application of the Cycle Station concept, a diverse cross-section would use the facilities. Obviously however with Cycling as a primary theme Cyclists, are a principal target. To add to these walkers, and although probably not encouraged there would be no exclusion of those using private transport (particularly for disabled visitors). With educational and learning facilities as another key strand many different elements of the educational world would also be a central target, from primary (probably local) through to secondary and further education school parties (with facilities arranged around field trips, etc) and also organised HE, University, Open University, WEA, and other independent educational parties.

With the multi-functionality of the Cycle-Station providing a variety of other facilities, these using the facilities could range from Crafts people through to a range of unrelated or spin-off green technology park companies and/or other work-station tele working