The Cycle-Station Project

6.0 Potential Partners



Partners are obviously those sympathetic to the aims outlined in this paper.

Private finance

Bicycle Companies (Raleigh, etc)

Transport Companies (Virgin, StageCoach, etc)

Tourism Companies

Cycle Tourism Companies

Green Restaurant and Refreshment Companies

Sports Companies

Building and Design Industry

Computer, I.T. , communications and Digital Design Companies

Timber Companies



Forest and woodland industries


Other key potential partners

Department of Transport and Environment, and other National Agencies

Relevant Regional and Local District Authorities

Rural Business Link and other relevant rural (and urban agencies)

Local Business Forums

European Agencies (KONVA, INTEREG)

Relevant Universities, Higher and School centred Education Centres partially for supporting the dimension of centres being for rural university learning, college support, school field trips

European or National Research funds looking to transport alternatives relating to environmental education, and new media. (see research)