The Cycle-Station Project

Closing Points


The final points 8-11, Costs, Programming, the Draft Accomodation Schedule and the Cost Estimate are dealt with in a seperate section

The Cycle-Stations Project of the Fourth Door Research Unit is organised to develop and extend the ideas of Cycle-Centre's and Stations beginning to be planned and built around the country.

It is intended as a key segment of the 'Solar-Stations' programme being developed by the Research Unit for applying the green dimension to the architectural and design element of a forward looking sustainable transport network.

The Cycle-Stations project is conceived out of involvement in broad sustainable transport and design concerns, rather than a sole commitment to either cycling, rail or other public transport systems, or to Ecodesign, Ecological Literacy, Multimedia, etc. It's perspective therefore may differ from pressure groups or organisations committed to their particular concern. This broad focus is seen as an advantage and opportunity to contribute new and innovative ideas to the sustainable transport dialogue.

Other segments of the 'Solar-Stations' programme include:

Green Transit Centres - for both rail and road public transport

Interactive Weather Information Sites

Lo-Tech/High Ambience Public Transport Shelters

Bioregional Multimedia

the Multi-Bus Project


Contact the Fourth Door Research Unit for details on these projects

co-ordinator: Oliver Lowenstein

cycle-station architectural plan: Steven Johnson

Fourth Door Research Unit c/o box 2632, Lewes, Sussex, BN7 1UZ, Britain. (01273) 473501, e-mail

*We would like to thank Baker-Brown MacKay for back-up on this proposal and to Sophie Cushing of Sustrans for information regarding cycle-tourism