Variant 1

Variant 1 envisages the siting of Cycle-Stations at junctions of where two or more routes separate, in scenic countryside, and a shortish distance from a large urban centre. This means that such a Cycle-Station could be easily accessible to and from urban centres. There would thus be two-way traffic along this spur route providing access to the cycle-station to other social groups in addition to the first group (Eco-Tourists and other cyclists)

a) The spur route and the Cycle-Station would be used by schools and other educational groups for cycling out from schools, etc in the urban centre to experience and assimilate various ecoliteracy points along the spur journey, - and then to have those added to by eco-educational facilities at the Cycle-Station focusing on the nature, ecology and ecosystems along the spur route and in the vicinity of the Station.

b) The Cycle-Station could be used in a similar way by non-educational groups and individuals for the same purpose, as an attractive way to spend a day out from the Urban centre, including participating in the specialised facilities at the Cycle-Station.