Variant 2

Cycle-Stations as part of larger integrated Transit infrastructure, where car parking, public bus coach and rail services are also available, and where there was immediate access to both the rural national Cycle network, or subsidiary cycle networks, and a cycle network into the town or urban centres. People visiting urban areas, for shopping, sight-seeing, or any number of purposes could thus arrive by vehicle, public or private, and transfer at this transit interchange onto cycles, part of the hub of which would be the variant of the Cycle-Station.

Bicycles equiped with smart hire technology would be available for short term hire into and out of town, and the various additional cycle technologies would be also available, eg cycle-hods in a bicycle version of 'Park and Ride', cycling into the Urban centre for shopping and or visiting the centre for whatever purpose before returning to travel in their vehicles to their homes.

The Transit Interchange could also develop around green open space theory, with provision for gardens and other environmental features to make the site an attractive space to be in and around.