The Cycle-Station Project is a new environmental synergy integrating the leading edges of green design and architecture, new media networks, and the opportunities provided by the cycle network to significantly rethink elements of journey culture. Part cycle way-station, part eco-information centre, part rest and refreshment centre, these functions and others are housed under a solar or photo-voltaic roof.

Sited at various critical points and junctions along the bicycle network Cycle-Stations would be aesthetically and sustainably designed, aiming for zero enrgy use, and powered as much as is currently possible by various alternative energy options.

The essential functions provided include the following. A bicycle hire and repair centre, similar in some ways to the eighteenth century coach-house for horses and highway coaches: Some form of restaurant, and toiletting and washing facilities, maybe a quiet room to wind down and relax in after some considerable cycling. An information-centre, which would include map and route information, ecological and environmental information for the region provided in part by the cutting edge in new media developments, such as weather forecast information services using hi-tech satellite links pin-pointed to specific Cycle-Station's.

Whilst a primary vehicle for the economic sustainability and success of the Cycle-Stations are in providing over night rest centres for cyclists on or near various of the routes the centres will be as multi-purpose as possible to attract other forms of potential revenue, and not be dependent on cyclists. The Stations wouldn't be restricted to cyclists - but also include other travellers, walking and maybe by motorised vehicle.

Cycle-Stations are an one of the most innovative opportunities for smart ecological architecture to demonstrate it can be an attraction in itself, and to be visited for what they are on site. It could show a wide diversity of completely contemporary styles which would show how a future focused sustainable architecture can enter the twenty-first century looking forward.

This would compose the basic constituents of the Cycle-Stations. However variant forms are also being developed.

We are interested in working with other architects, designers, any relevant companies or charities, and interested local authorities on developing a cohesive and coherent ecologically informed Cycle-Station network. The Cycle-Station Project is also being used for graduate and undergraduate case study material, and research on parts of the project is being carried out. The Cycle-Station Project offers talks, models and mini-exhibition materials and initial research papers. For a full length initial feasibility study press here. The Cycle-Station Project is a part of Fourth Door Research brief of developing creative and emergent design alternatives for sustainable transportation, interfacing the potential synergies between smart architecture, cybertrans and sustrans. You can contact the Cycle Station Project at, 00 44 (0) 1273 473501. or PO Box 2632, Lewes, Sussex, BN7 1XZ, Britain.