Particulate Workshop

Particulate Workshop

Particulate Workshop – Saturday 11th November 11.00 – 15.00, Town Hall (part of Lewes’s STEM day.)

(The workshop will start early at 11.00, although STEM formally opens at 12.00.)

The Town Hall, High St, Lewes BN7 2QS map here
Limited places, book here on Eventbrite


The workshop. What is it?

Lewesian’s (and non-Lewesian’s) participating in the Particulate workshop will be introduced to techniques and technologies learning how to use sensors, and other new media tech to identify, collect measure, and present data and information regarding the town’s air quality.

An example of collaborative citizen-science, the workshop will begin and end at the STEM day Town Hall. Using bicycle pedal power, during the middle of the day the sensing devices will be put to the test to measure air pollution levels in, around, and across the town.

The event is free (sign up at Eventbrite (link) although please note, participants need to provide their own bicycles.

Children under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by an adult. (See – participant notes below)

Participants will be introduced to:

Sensing devices, including sensor construction, reading and interpretation, the transmission of sensor data, and its graphic visualisation for the web.

Open Street Maps as a source for creating a live air quality map and applying the sensor gathered data.

First steps in the construction of a website using the air quality data and information amassed during earlier stages in the workshop.

The aim is for this project to continue to be developed after the workshop.

For more details about the workshop and Diana and Harmen/De War scroll down to the bottom of the page.

11th November 2023 – at the Town Hall, High St, Lewes BN7 2QS map here
The Particulate  workshop runs from 11.00 to around 15.00, Free.
Booking through Eventbrite limited places

Please note – Participants

  • Each participant needs to bring their own bicycle.
  • Children under 14 need to be accompanied by a parent (with their own bicycle.)
  • Health & Safety responsibility lies with participants. No liability is taken by either Fourth Door or STEM’s organisers



Particulate – the workshop in more detail

This is a longer description of the workshop, taken from a Harmen Zijp’s description of the workshop.

  1. Experimental setup: First we will assemble a portable sensing device for particulate matter. Participants will get a brief understanding of the physics of particulate matter and the sensor construction, and of the technology involved in reading sensor data with a microcontroller and transmitting data over the air.
  2. Testing: We will then test the device on the spot and find out how to retrieve the data that was transmitted from a website and use it to visualize it as a graph.
  3. Research plan: Next will be a short introduction on the labels used in OpenStreetMap to characterise Points of Interest and use these to make a map of local places sensitive to particulate matter, like schools, elderly homes, sports fields etc
  4. Measuring: Participants will take the sensors out on a bike ride, each covering another area and collectively sniffing out the area and integrating the data into a live map for air quality.
  5. Analysis: getting back together we will plot the measurements on top of the map with sensitive locations and discuss the results. If time allows we could map out further research, write up a short article to publish locally


Co-ordinated by Fourth Door in association with MakingLewes

For further information please contact Fourth Door:
01273 473501

The Particulate workshop and talk are in partnership with the Lewes STEM festival.


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