George Dyson

It was summer 2001. I had just finished a three hour interview with George Dyson within a few hundred yards of Winchester Cathedral. He disappeared off to back to where he was staying, and meet his father, Freeman; somewhere in the back streets of the medieval town. I thought it unlikely I’d meet him again, […]

Turing’s Cathedral

Well, a few weeks back I was going through a new issue of the New York Review of Books (as, yes, we do in these parts…) and guess what, Dyson has just had his new book published in the States. Titled Turing’s Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe it looks as if it’s a […]

Built Environment Journal

If you’ve found Unstructured’s piece on Stuttgart 21 and its connections to larger European projects of interest you may well find the recently published edition of the Built Environment Journal could also (in the spirit of Amazon) “be of interest.” Volume 38 focuses entirely on Railway Station Mega-Projects and the Re-Making of Inner Cities in […]

Passivhaus events

After approaching the Passivhaus Trust about making a link to the new Unstructured’s Passivhaus feature, they asked if I’d highlight their Prof Feist seminars and masterclasses happening at the end of June in London, Glasgow and Cardiff. Click here for further info.

tomorrow isn’t looking beautiful

On the phone to Katherine of London’s WaughThistleton, trying to arrange to talk with Andrew W, Katherine responds,  “tomorrow isn’t looking beautiful. the day after is pretty though.”