Spanning the Wood Wide World – where Timberbuild for the Twenty-First Century meets Forests for Zero, Bio-based Material breakthroughs meet the Wilding of Woodlands – Annular is a unique and integrated Wood Culture Web Hub

You can find in-depth, up to the moment features on Europe’s timber transformation in architecture and the built environment in Annular Unstructured. Annular Further, provides a comprehensive forests, wood and timber culture resource, and a full archive of Fourth Door timber building and wood culture features is available in Annular Archive.

Annular Unstructured’s Free Form Swallows Function launch edition casts its lens on the dynamic Swiss timber engineering, research and materials scene. Featuring Hermann Blumer, Shigeru Ban, Biel Wood School, Blumer Lehmann, Lukas Imhof and TimberTec, and more.

Annular Archive

Twenty years of in-depth timber features from Oliver Lowenstein and Fourth Door

Annular Unstructured

Free Form Swallows Function – Swiss made engineering turns timber towards the future

Annular Further

A comprehensive wood and timber culture information resource

Annular Glade

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Forest 4.0 Balancer

The Forest 4.0 Balancer project is set to explore relationships between forests, carbon footprints and construction.

Based on the embodied emissions of the City of London’s Leadenhall Building (92,210 metric tonnes of C02), Annular invites anyone involved in sustainability, timber, building and forests to speculate on what they could do construction-wise with 92,210 metric tonnes, given the opportunity.

Additional Annular sections to be added. Watch this space.

Event: Pioneering the Potential 2021

Held in Lewes on the 10th of September, 6-9pm. Featuring Flimwell Park, (the Architectural Ensemble) from Switzerland, Lukas Imhof, London Metropolitan University’s Weald prototype HomeGrown House 2 project, and further speakers. Book on Eventbrite. Full details here

New Unstructured 10 edition

Includes features on the return of Iceland’s forests, foresters, architects, and wood professionals writing on Richard Powers The Overstory, plus the brand new Rye History Discovery Centre by Edinburgh’s Simpson & Brown Architects.

Annular – trees increase their size each year, adding Annular Rings (or Growth Rings) year on year. Much can be learnt about trees, woods and wood from tree rings that is otherwise inaccessible.

Satellite forest map – European Forest Institute

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