About Annular

Annular is a wood culture website covering a broad trans-disciplinary span of wood, forest, timber, and tree related themes.

Organised to enhance, deepen, and integrate with other elements of Fourth Door’s wide-lens approach and focus, the relaunched Annular site encompasses forestry, forest science and ecology, vernacular, traditional and non-modern construction, and the ongoing digital revolution, from robotics and 3D printing to drone scanning and photogrammetry, as well as much else besides. 

This expanded focus recasts Annular’s original role as Fourth Door’s timber architecture and built environment site into an expanded, cohesive, and cross-theme platform for pan-European wood culture.

You will find the various themes on the main Annular page including Annular Art, Annular Forest, Forest 4.0, and Annular Books. These sections are a part of the broadening of Annular’s agenda and focus.

Core elements of the new Annular include:

– Regular in-depth features on 21st century timber building culture

Annular Unstructured– in-depth themed Annular Unstructured editions

– New building projects, technical and research developments, conference and event reports, book reviews

– Expanded focus on ecological and forestry issues and context and to carbon reduction

– Broader connected wood related cultural themes, e.g. forests and wood culture in literature and art

Annular Further– a unique, comprehensive and in-depth information portal of forest, wood and timber culture resource across Western, Central and Northern Europe. New sections are being added to develop and comprehensive pan-European wood related resource. (This section is appearing in stages.

Annular Archive – a full archive of Oliver Lowenstein’s twenty-year timber architecture and building culture articles

Annular Art – features, pieces and other material connecting wood culture and art practice and practitioners

Annular Forest – related features on forests, forest cultures, forest systems, and woods and trees

Forest 4.0 – focused on digital wood and timber culture

Annular Unstructured

Annular Unstructured’s themed editions and foci also builds on and integrates with its sister web-magazine, Unstructured, as part of Fourth Door’s interconnected, and holistic media ecology.

Annular UnstructuredFree Form Swallows Function – Swiss made engineering turns engineered timber towards the future.

The first Annular Unstructured themed edition casts its lens on the dynamic Swiss timber engineering, research and materials scene. Featuring Hermann Blumer, Shigeru Ban, Biel Wood School, Blumer Lehmann, Lukas Imhof and TimberTec, and more.

Annular’s future and history

The relaunched Annular is being expanded over several stages and folds into concurrent Fourth Door initiatives including Fourth Door’s Root & Branch events agenda, the regional Sussex and South-East England focused Pioneering the Potential, and the broader Further info-portal.

A brief history of Annular’s origins – go to the Annular Archive main page here and scroll down.

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