Ongoing and Occasional 1

Ongoing and Occasional 1

Dear Fourth Door mailing list folks

I’ve been asked by Rowland Keable, Mr Rammed Earth (at least on this small Atlantic island) to let people know about this year’s CLAYFEST, which this year is  happening virtually on Zoom at the end of the week – check here. So, I am doing so.

Clayfest 2017

In addition, a couple of other things which could be of overall general interest.

The Construction Scotland Innovation Centre announced a Scottish ‘Homegrown’ regional timber construction initiative this week see here.

Bernard Planterose, our friend in the north (of Scotland, though just south of Ullapool), wrote to tell me of the overhaul of their Northwoods Design website by his son, Sam, highlighting their timber design and construction family commune-in-the-woods set up. Looks funkier than the old site, though many fewer words.


Northwoods -  family commune in the woods

Bill McKibben has penned a Bill McKibben type piece in the New Yorker website focused on PR companies who work for the Fossil Fuel Industry, and PR activistas  aiming to push their sector into thinking again about signing up to promote Exxon and the like.

A World GBC press release arrived relating that they have written to the head of the Glasgow COP 26 ‘requesting’ a Built Environment Day during next years November  razzamatazz. Good luck with that one’s tempted to say.

Meanwhile over in Reykjavik a small boy is befriended by a peace loving swan.

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