Turing’s Cathedral

Turing's Cathedral book cover Dyson

Well, a few weeks back I was going through a new issue of the New York Review of Books (as, yes, we do in these parts…) and guess what, Dyson has just had his new book published in the States. Titled Turing’s Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe it looks as if it’s a next chapter in what may be turning into an ongoing historical project, seeded in his childhood roots at Princeton. I haven’t seen it, let alone looked at or read a copy. The book was actually published in march, so it’s been around. I’m going to check the reviews and write-ups. I wonder how it’s been for Dyson this time around. Does Turing’s Cathedral augur a more sustained return to the realm of writing, or was the experience this time around just as tortuous and he has long repaired back to Bellingham, outside Seattle, to continue his kayak building business?

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