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A mix of book reviews and other related features connecting printed matter with wood and forests. Including paper, printing and publishing with the forest sector. Go to Annular Compendium for Annular’s book resource page.

The archive of book reviews is split into three sections:

I – Wood and forest culture


Shades of Green

A cultural history of Sitka Spruce by Ruth Tittensor. Book review by Bernard Planterose.

In Unstructured 9


Medicine tree from the Tropics

The Miraculous Fever Tree by Fiametta Rocco – reviewed by Renee Lertzmann

Fourth Door Review 7 – not available online

II – Timber architecture, engineering and materials


Building with Hardwood

dRMM’s Jonas Lencer reviews a timely book arriving in the midst of the growth in engineered hardwood’s popularity. Authored by Konrad Merz, Anne Niemann, and Stephan Torno – Detail Books.


Timber Construction Manual

Book review by Steve Johnson

In Unstructured 7

III – Novels, literature, poetry and other writing 



Four views from across the related worlds of architecture, timber promotion, woodwork and forest activism on Richard Power’s The Overstory

In Unstructured 10

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