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Forest, forest systems, and forest culture features, articles, and information (not forgetting woodlands and trees.) Annular Forest features archive features from Annular, Fourth Door Review and Unstructured. Annular Further – Annular’s information portal includes an extensive forest focused overviews.


The return of Iceland’s forests

Back from oblivion, the north Atlantic islands forests are growing again

In Unstructured 10


Shades of Green

A cultural history of Sitka Spruce by Ruth Tittensor. Book review by Bernard Planterose.

In Unstructured 9


The Sweetest Timber

Sweet Chestnut as a building material by David Saunders

In Unstructured 5 – 2012 – Rewilding the Structural, Reweaving the Sculptural – Shells/Scales/Baskets/Weaves Sussex Gridshells ten years themed edition


Designing the Future Forest

How Scotland’s future forestry can green building with native trees, by Bernard Planterose

Originally one of the essays for the Building Biographies exhibition, curated by Oliver Lowenstein and The Lighthouse, Glasgow 2008/9


The Dreamlife of Trees

Trees for Life and Reforesting Scotland are part of a wider homegrown reforestation movement, symbolised by the return of the Caledonian Forest

In Fourth Door Review 4 – 2000 (this article is not available in Annular Archive)

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