Annular Makeshift

Wood-based craft and maker culture – features, pieces, projects and workshops. Includes features from Fourth Door, Unstructured, Annular and other related pieces. (For all Fourth Door related Makeshift pieces see here.)


The Make Lewes Festival Kinship workshops – 2014-2018
Roots Architecture@ WOMAD workshops – 2010-2013     


Craft Connecting Architecture conference

Unstructured 8


Helsinki’s cool Wood  School

Pekka Heikkenen on Aalto University’s Wood Program, Europe’s oldest Design & Make  

In Unstructured extra 6 2013Unfinished revolution – new Finnish timber architecture themed edition and Fourth Door Review 8


Studio in the Woods

Documenting the 2012 design & make workshop –  Photo-essay by Ioana Marinescu

In Unstructured 5


Anne Marie ‘O Sullivan

Unlikely Meeting

In Unstructured Extra 5


Farewell to the local saw-mill

The disappearance of part of the traditional timber fabric – by John Russell

In Fourth Door Review 8 – 2009 – (this article is not available in Annular Archive)


Fred Baier’s Impossible Furniture

In Conversation with Chris Rose

In Fourth Door Review 5


Singleton Open Air Museum

The Weald & Downland’s physical vernacular database

In Fourth Door Review 2/3


Marimba Making

By Knock On Wood’s Andy Wilson – A Make Do feature

Fourth Door Review 2/3

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